G.R.O.W. Institute

"Join, Engage, Change Lives"  

Grow Institute addresses the need for self-employment and business startup initiatives, work-based training, non-profit leadership and career training, and other economic development and job creation programs and services in communities that are being disenfranchised; and where those experiencing the highest rates of unemployment and underemployment reside (see supporting research under The Need). Our programs also target seniors 45+ years of age for enrollment in work-based programs.  If you would like to be considered for acceptance and enrollment as a future student of our Institute, please complete and submit Form #1: Initial Screening Questionnaire.


This is a school-year program targeting in-school youth ages 14-18 and out-of-school youth ages 16 to 24.  The program focuses on teaching and engaging participants in business operations and management, and designed to deliver intensive and comprehensive 1). Job and essential skills training, 2). Work experience opportunities that develop a strong foundation for academic and workplace success, and 3). Intervention for students that may lack motivation and are performing below minimum academic standards, at risk of not advancing to high school or earning a high school diploma, and/or may not be college bound.  A core objective is to minimize the likelihood of criminal activity, drug use, and/or teen pregnancy resulting from lack of adult supervision after the school day ends.



The Institute facilitates career-focused continuing education programs for adults ages 25 and older.  Activities such as instruction, training, applied learning, developmental activities, e-Learning courses/classes, college internships, and technical assistance workshops are coordinated through the Institute. Programs train and develop our next generation of leaders and operators/managers of community-based non-profits and/or small for-profit business enterprises.

Select programs are UCF Continuing Education approved, with graduates earning a nationally recognized UCF Certificate and up to 96 CEUs (continuing education units) that may possibly be used for life-long learning credits towards a college degree. 

Look for this symbol in our 2019-2020 Programs Catalog.

Our certification programs are designed to provide education, training, professional and skills development in 3 core career areas to strengthen and/or build the foundation required for students to succeed in a business-focused career (non-profit/for-profit).      

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