G.R.O.W. Institute

"Join, Engage, Change Lives"  


Grant proposal has been submitted requesting funding to provide pandemic recovery assistance for "active participates" registered/enrolled in at least one of our activities and/or programs (to benefit businesses, individuals, and/or households).  The Marketplace along with our adult continuing education and youth work-based training programs will be presented to the funding agency on 10/26/21 as the final step in the competitve process for a grant award. 

Contract awarded to our team of 4 black/women-owned businesses to work collaboratively to create and implement a Diversity & Inclusion Institute in Central Florida.  Grow Non-Profit Services Corporation will be a subprime participant providing non-profit consulting services and leadership training workshops to help develop and prepare minority entreprenuers to become [future] board members.

A Culinary Training Program is coming to Gibson Center.  Under the direction and supervsion of the instructor, the program will provide support to partnering restaurants and caterers, and create a variety of new opportunities for registered Marketplace vendors to expand, including our new wine bar and event package program!  Partnering restaurants and caterers are scheduled to provide a variety of foods for the community to taste and enjoy during the Oct. 30th Marketplace event.  The goal of the program is employment/self-employment.

Entrepreneur's group photo opportunity for Gibson Neighborhood Marketplace Vendors 2021 will be held at 5:30 p.m. as part of the Black Business Holiday Market event. The photo opportunity will only include previous vendors that actively participate in the November 27th event.

  • The photo will be used to coordinate a public relations/media campaign to help those registered entrepreneurs that desire to increase their public presence in the community, inform more consumers about their products and/or services, and to have a physical location/address to publish/share.. Technical assistance, business services, and office supplies are also available.

  • As exposure to the event increases, members of the general public that become interested in your product and/or service must know where/how to find/contact you. We can provide a solution for your business.


1.  Gibson Neighborhood Marketplace events for 2022.  The 4th Saturday markets will continue to serve as a venue for entrepreneurs to market/promote their businesses, and a destination for the interested public to come and explore a variety of products and services offered for purchase by our network of vendors.  

2.  Vendor booths and workspaces can now be rented daily or weekly to provide more on-site opportunities for entrepreneurs that desire a physical location to market and increase their public presence, book appointments, display/sell merchandise, engage with customers/the general public in person, and build a business that becomes their primary source of income/employment.

3.  Retail gift shop merchandise displays are now available for registered entrepreneurs.  The gift shop offers the convenience of shopping/purchasing unique gift items [from businesses operated by registered Marketplace entrepreneurs] to enhance the visitor and/or event guest experience. The gift shop also acts as an extension of your business and provides a platform for additional support for our vendor network in their efforts to expand their customer base. 

VENDOR GUIDELINES (for Marketplace 2022 ... Coming Soon!)