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Florida's unemployment data along with the charts published by U.C. Berkeley Labor Research Center shows a continuous employment disparity among minority teens and adults and substantiates the need for effective solutions. 

CLICK ON "All, White, Black, Hispanic, or Asian", click on Florida on the interactive map, then move scroll bar to the bottom to view and compare Unemployment Data by Race as of March 2019:

Below, years of research published by U.C. Berkeley Labor Research Department shows employment disparity continues among minority teens and adults in America (most recent data provided).  Click here to access the full report

Teen unemployment is significantly higher than adult unemployment.  Immaturity, limited availability, lack of transportation, little or no work experience, no professional references, lack of soft skills, minimum business knowledge, and teen stereotypes are all contributing factors to higher teen unemployment rates.

Unemployment among minority teens are even higher with minority males having the highest unemployment rate, closely followed by minority females.  In addition to the above contributing factors, minority teens face several additional barriers to employment.  These include cultural stereotypes, poverty, behavior-related issues (i.e., arrests and school suspensions), limited participation in STEM courses/programs, fewer role models, and little to no exposure to other cultures and geographical areas.   Minority-based communities traditionally have very few businesses and no jobs in which teens can work, obtain job training, and develop their business skills and understanding.